Clifton Police Officer receives nearly $1 million jury verdict for blowing the whistle. > Former UMDNJ official receives $349K jury verdict in whistleblower lawsuit. > Former program director and manager for not-for-profit settles whistle-blower claim against former employer for $250,000. > Former Bergen County public employee obtains nearly $600,000 judgment after jury verdict in whistle-blower lawsuit. >


Sciarra & Catrambone L.L.C. is a full-service law firm located in Clifton, New Jersey with a satellite office in Hamilton, New Jersey and Lower Manhattan. Our practice is dedicated to helping clients, both individuals and small businesses, with legal matters regarding employment litigation, criminal defense and general litigation. We represent public sector employees such as law enforcement and municipal workers in criminal and disciplinary actions and administrative issues such as pension disputes. Members of the firm are often first on the scene at law enforcement critical incidents to ensure law enforcement officers are adequately protected in the investigation of their use of deadly force.  The firm is an active participating member of the State PBA and State Police Legal Defense Plans.

The attorneys at Sciarra & Catrambone L.L.C. recognize that our clients are often spending their own funds to protect and vindicate their rights. They deserve and get our dedication and attention to their legal issues and their personal plight. The relationship between the firm and its clients is built first and foremost on honesty: an honest appraisal of risk, cost and potential outcomes. The trust our clients have in us develops from our honesty and in recognition of our ability and efforts. While we can never guarantee the final result, we can guarantee hard work, a firm grasp and knowledge of the areas of law in which we practice and a promise that we will always shoot straight with our clients.

Our source of clientele is almost exclusively referral or word of mouth, from either a prior satisfied client, another attorney who knows our reputation or a media account of our most recent result. This website and an accompanying mailer being sent to existing and prior clients serve as an informational tool and reminder that we are there if the need arises.

Finally, attorneys are often afraid to admit what they don’t know for fear of losing an economic opportunity. This firm believes that getting engaged in matters outside our areas of expertise is disastrous for the client and counsel. However, while we do not do personal injury, malpractice, real estate closings, estate planning, bankruptcy, intellectual property, or workmen’s compensation law, we trust a small circle of like minded attorneys who have expertise in those fields.  The firm would be happy to direct you towards competent, ethical attorneys in areas outside our expertise, so do not hesitate to call.