Clifton Police Officer receives nearly $1 million jury verdict for blowing the whistle. > Former UMDNJ official receives $349K jury verdict in whistleblower lawsuit. > Former program director and manager for not-for-profit settles whistle-blower claim against former employer for $250,000. > Former Bergen County public employee obtains nearly $600,000 judgment after jury verdict in whistle-blower lawsuit. >
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Coffee Machine, RIP

April 15th, 2015 | Uncategorized

With sadness we report the passing of our colleague, Coffee Machine. From almost the first day the law firm took occupancy of our Clifton Headquarters we were served consistently, efficiently and faithfully by our regular and perennial employee of the month, year and decade. If you review our blog entries from March 2, 2012 and June 21, 2012 you will see some of the history of the faithful service of our eight flavored friend. But finally, as with all good things, the end has come. The machinery is antiquated. Gone are the days of an instantaneous grind and brew. Today it is little plastic cups whose final act is to choke marine mammals off the coastline. Indeed during the old school, pre-texting/smart phone/internet craze, we at the firm were comforted by the sturdy and rarely failing efforts of our colleague, Coffee Machine, who dished out over nearly 40,000 piping hot delicious servings. Finally, when the parts required to maintain our stalwart friend were no longer manufactured, the time had come to end the long, delicious relationship. And thus we announce, sadly, the passing of our Coffee Machine.

But rest assured an appropriate memorial is being contemplated. The ideas vary from conversion into a planter to an actual firm museum display complete with red velvet roping and a plaque. When that decision is made our Friends of the Firm (FOFs) will be advised. In the meantime no flowers are necessary and no alternate donations are suggested. Instead, your e-mail condolences and any fond stories of the Coffee Machine are welcome and will be put into a Memorial Book. Thank you all for your continued patronage. And rest assured, despite the inferior coffee product we now serve, we will do our best to make your visit to the office as comfortable as possible.