Clifton Police Officer receives nearly $1 million jury verdict for blowing the whistle. > Former UMDNJ official receives $349K jury verdict in whistleblower lawsuit. > Former program director and manager for not-for-profit settles whistle-blower claim against former employer for $250,000. > Former Bergen County public employee obtains nearly $600,000 judgment after jury verdict in whistle-blower lawsuit. >
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“Smells like…victory.”

August 25th, 2010 | Uncategorized

The Paterson Police Department could have simply let our client, Michele Sedeyn, return to work after her blood-clotting medical treatment was complete.  It was only another seven (7) weeks.  After all, the original injury was on the job and in the line of duty.  Instead, they simply fired her. Choosing to reinstate her in 2006 would have cost them nothing.  Being ordered to reinstate her in 2010 after a jury found they discriminated will cost them well in excess of a million dollars,  especially after factoring in attorneys’ fees. 

Click here to read Herald News Article  (Note: Our office is now in Clifton.)