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A Few Notable Firm Decisions

A Few Notable Firm Decisions

4 for 4 – Running the table on a demotion and suspension farce. OAL  April 2, 2015


Accidental disability pension awarded. OAL January 9, 2015


Termination reversed. Civil Service Commission December 17, 2014


Successfully litigated a legal fee dispute. Appellate Division August 13, 2014


10 years later, still litigating on a major whistle-blowing victory Appellate Division August 12, 2014


Firm stepped in to obtain reversal of summary judgment. Appellate Division May 6, 2014


The Court finds merit on union retaliation claim Superior Court April 11, 2014


Disqualification of pension time reversed. OAL August 15, 2012


Court makes rare ruling for Plaintiff in whistle-blowing case. Superior Court July 15, 2010


Reinstated to career after five long years on bogus drug testing charge Appellate Division July 16, 2009


Court finds insufficient notice on disciplinary charge. Appellate Division October 16, 2008